Arsenic and Old Lace


Directed by Frank Capra. Starring Cary Grant, Raymond Massey, and Peter Lorre. 1944.

Viewed: Saturday, March 23rd.

Who Hadn’t Seen It: Brad and Monica

When we started pulling together the list of of films we wanted to watch for this project, we split our focus between films we’d always meant to see but never gotten around to and those that were recommended from ‘Best Of’ and canon lists. Sometimes they are under the radar things that sound fantastic, and sometimes they are waiting for us, like medicine we feel we should take. Arsenic and Old Lace was one of these frequently recommended titles.

In this dark screwball comedy, Mortimer Brewster (Cary Grant) is a drama critic who is about to be married after a public life denouncing matrimony. Moments before her plans to leave for his honeymoon, he discovers his two elderly maiden aunts (Jean Adair and Josephine Hall) have just poisoned a man. Things are complicated when Mortimer’s deranged long lost brother (Raymond Massey) returns to the family home unexpectedly. Continue reading


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