Cool Hand Luke


Directed by Stuart Rosenberg. Starring Paul Newman and George Kennedy. 1967.

Viewed: Sunday, March 17th

Who Hadn’t Seen It: Brad and Monica

1967. The year that the Golden Age transformed into New Hollywood. Monica recently finished reading Mark Harris’ transcendent film history of the Best Picture nominees from that year, Pictures at a Revolution. This was after sitting through all five Best Picture nominees from that year (including the especially dreadful Doctor Doolittle starring Rex Harrison) with Brad after years and years of talking about it. Of course, there were plenty of great films that didn’t get nominated that year. Cool Hand Luke is one of them. And neither of us had seen it.

Cool Hand Luke focuses on a decorated veteran (Paul Newman) who is picked up for vandalism and sentenced to two years on a Southern chain gang. Luke refuses to bend in the face of any challenge, earning him respect from his fellow inmates and growing resentment from the Boss and his henchmen. It is also the sweatiest movie of all time.

Brad: In the debate of the sweatiest film of all time, this one wins hands down. Not even a debate.  I double dog dare you to find a sweatier film. Can’t be done. Also the sheer volume of grit and grime that collects in that sweat can’t be overlooked. I recommend watching this film while submerged in an ice bath. Continue reading


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