Dial “M” for Murder

Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 10.31.25 PM

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Starring Ray Milland, Grace Kelly, and Robert Cummings. 1954.

Viewed: Saturday, March 9th

Who Hadn’t Seen It: Brad and Monica

We spent a great 24-hour vacation in Detroit last September, and part of that great tiny trip was a lovely hotel room downtown. While getting ready to go out to dinner we had the television turned to the local PBS station, and it was showing the Hitchcock classic Dial “M” for Murder. The introduction was all about the 3D aspects of the film, and the early performance from Grace Kelly. We were mesmerized, and we were slow heading down to dinner so we could get a couple more minutes with it.

We’ve both seen our fair share of Hitchcock, but there are still a lot of films that we’re collectively missing – including this 1954 classic. It centers on a former-professional tennis player (Ray Milland) who’s discovered his wife (Grace Kelly) is cheating on him with a crime novelist and blackmails a former college acquaintance and small time thief to kill her and make it look like a botched burglary attempt. Continue reading


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